PTFE manufacturer's quotation has increased! Refrigerant prices remain high!



List of prices for fluorine chemical products on March 12th


Fluorite/anhydrous hydrogen fluoride

The current severe situation of sluggish operation in fluorite mines is difficult to improve, with scarce fluorite resources and continued price support in the fluorite market. Manufacturers have weak interest in the future market. However, the current downstream market trend is sluggish, and fluorite may operate at a stable price in the short term; The price trend of anhydrous hydrogen fluoride is stable, and the contradiction between supply and demand of anhydrous hydrogen fluoride is prominent. Production enterprises have limited voice, and raw material outsourcing manufacturers mainly have inverted profits. However, under weak demand drag, the short-term market situation is difficult to improve. It is expected that the anhydrous hydrogen fluoride market will operate steadily.


The chloride market is operating in a volatile manner today. The inventory pressure of dichloromethane factories has eased, and market prices are exploring a narrow range; The markets for trichloromethane, trichloroethylene, and tetrachloroethylene are mainly stabilizing. The market price of raw material liquid chlorine rebounded after a drop, and the inventory of chloride products varies. It is expected that the price range will fluctuate in the short term.


Today, refrigerant prices have stabilized at high levels. At present, the manufacturer is producing according to the quota plan, and the overall supply is still tight; At the same time, downstream demand gradually released in March, and with the joint support of supply and demand, the factory's price push sentiment continued. It is expected that the refrigerant market will continue to strengthen and prices will remain high in the short term.


Fluorinated polymers

After the holiday, the spot inventory is low, and the PTFE market is supported by the strong upward attitude of manufacturers. The prices of supply side manufacturers have increased, and the mainstream market prices have experienced narrow fluctuations. In addition, the shipment situation is smooth, and the actual transaction price has increased. It is expected that PTFE prices will remain stagnant and consolidate.

The trend of PVDF has generally stabilized, market competition remains fierce, new production capacity continues to be released, and low-priced shipments continue to exist. Enterprises are competing to seize the market, and downstream lithium battery energy storage demand is unlikely to have a significant increase. The supply-demand mismatch situation continues, and the market remains calm and wait-and-see. In the short term, PVDF is expected to remain stagnant and consolidate.

Lithium hexafluorophosphate

The market price of lithium hexafluorophosphate remains stable today. At present, there is strong cost support and overall construction is not high; But downstream demand is average, and the market is still mainly focused on digesting inventory. The short-term market is expected to consolidate horizontally.

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