IOL Weekly Report: The prices of refrigerants produced by air conditioning plants under high load are firm

One week market
Refrigerant: Air conditioning plants continue to maintain high load production demand, supporting strong prices
This week, the downstream air conditioning industry is still in the peak production season, and refrigerant prices remain high. Weekly market characteristics: The overall transaction of upstream raw material products is average, with narrow fluctuations in prices and stable cost support for refrigerant products. The production time of refrigerant factories is generally about 10-11 months a year, while the production cycle of air conditioning factories is mainly concentrated between February and June each year. As the mainstream refrigerant product in the new air conditioning market, R32 is affected by the imbalance between downstream procurement and refrigerant factory production, and the mismatch between supply and demand leads to a tight supply situation. Mainstream factories mainly supply air conditioning factories, so R32 has a high price due to tight supply; In addition, with the increase in after-sales demand and the expected impact of a significant reduction in quotas next year, the R22 factory has shown sufficient confidence and continued high prices; The supply and demand market for other refrigerant products is relatively stable, and prices are temporarily stable. Overall, influenced by the different production and sales situations of downstream application industries, the differentiated characteristics of various refrigerant products are obvious. The expected good production of household air conditioning will continue to support the high price fluctuations of mainstream refrigerants.

Fluorinated polymers: The market continues to digest the negative impact of oversupply, which affects the weak and stable operation of prices
This week, the fluoropolymer market continued to digest the negative impact of oversupply, with mainstream product prices consolidating sideways. From the perspective of the industrial chain, the loose prices of upstream basic products such as fluorite powder and hydrofluoric acid have slightly alleviated the cost pressure on the entire series of fluorine products; The mid stream organic fluorine monomer products R22 and R142B continue the differentiated market trend of ice and fire, with a strong and rising controlled use market. The raw material use is facing dual pressures from upstream and downstream, and has been under pressure for a long time near the cost line to maintain stability; The growth rate of downstream application industries has generally slowed down, and product processing enterprises mainly purchase on demand, with weak stocking intentions and relatively low demand. Overall, due to the increasing inventory pressure, the operating load of fluoropolymer factories has been reduced, and the large supply base and limited short-term improvement in demand are still the characteristics of fluoropolymers. TFE and VDF series products are in a dilemma of rising and falling, and will remain stagnant at a low level.          

Weekly News
Environmental Impact Assessment Announcement for the 150000 ton/year Barite and Fluorite Processing Project of Sichuan Senrong Mine
On June 7, 2024, the People's Government of Mianning County, Sichuan Province, issued a draft environmental impact assessment report for the processing project of barite and fluorite from Senrong Mine in Mianning County for comments. The total investment of this project is 100 million yuan, with a construction period of 18 months. After completion, it is planned to use fluorite powder provided by Zhongxi (Liangshan) Rare Earth Co., Ltd. for quality improvement and precision processing. The total amount of fluorite powder processed is 150000 tons/year (CaF2 is about 87.99%, and the project does not involve the extraction of raw ore).
Xinjiang Kexin Chemical's 150000 tons/year ultra pure anhydrous aluminum fluoride is expected to be put into operation by the end of the year
On June 7th, China Chemical Engineering Sixth Construction Co., Ltd. Xinjiang Branch announced that the main installation work of the sulfuric acid storage tank for the high-quality fluorinated inorganic salt phase I project of Kexin Chemical New Materials Co., Ltd., which it undertook, has been fully completed. It is reported that the total investment of the project is 1531 million yuan. The first phase of construction includes two 50000 ton/year ultra pure anhydrous hydrogen fluoride production lines and three 50000 ton/year ultra pure anhydrous aluminum fluoride production lines.
Limin Corporation: The annual production of 20000 tons of LiFSI project is advancing environmental and energy assessment work
On June 13th, Limin Group announced on the investor interaction platform that the first phase of the company's new energy project is expected to produce 20000 tons of LiFSI electrolyte per year, covering an area of 118 acres. The actual construction situation will prevail. We are currently promoting environmental and energy assessment work, as well as in-depth design of construction drawings, and starting geological surveys and equipment manufacturer inspections.
Jinhua New Materials, a subsidiary of Juhua Group, plans to be listed on the Beijing Stock Exchange
On the evening of June 11th, Jinhua New Materials, a company listed on the New Third Board, announced that it had passed the coaching acceptance by the Zhejiang Securities Regulatory Bureau under the guidance of the coaching institution Zhejiang Securities. As early as June 5, 2023, Jinhua New Materials was listed on the New Third Board Innovation Layer. On August 4th, Jinhua New Materials submitted the registration materials for listing guidance on the Beijing Stock Exchange to the Zhejiang Securities Regulatory Bureau. The guidance institution was Zhejiang Securities and officially entered the guidance stage on August 10th. It took 10 months to pass the guidance acceptance. According to the data, the controlling shareholder of Jinhua New Materials is Juhua Group, which directly holds 82.49% of the shares.
Princeton's New Catalyst and Electrolyte Additive Project Starts
On the morning of June 6th, the groundbreaking ceremony of Prince's new catalyst and electrolyte additive project was held in Huai'an Industrial Park. It is reported that Princeton (Huai'an) New Materials Co., Ltd. is a new materials company jointly invested and established by Lianhuan Group and Jiangsu Stryker Chemical Co., Ltd., integrating research and development, production, and sales. The total planned investment for this project is 1.005 billion yuan, covering an area of 173.55 acres. After completion, it is expected to produce 5300 tons of new catalysts and 8000 tons of electrolyte additives annually.

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